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Acceptable Use Policy

Updated  March 2019

This privacy policy applies to the Halberton Village Hall, charity number 300845 website (www.halbertonvillagehall.org). It explains what personal information we collect about Village Hall users and how we use it.

Equal Opportunities

Updated March 2019

The Trustees recognise our social responsibility to treat everyone with respect and dignity irrespective of their individual differences.

Health and Safety

Updated March 2019

       Halberton Village Hall management committee aims to:

  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems for all Hall users including contractors, hirers, volunteers and Trustees.

  • Keep the Hall and equipment in safe conditions for all users by complying with statutory checks.

  • Provide such training and information as is necessary for all

Organisation of Health & Safety

Updated March 2019

Halberton Village Hall Trustees feel it is the duty of all hirers and visitors to take care of themselves and others who may be affected by their activities and to co-operate with the Trustees in keeping the premises, including the grounds, safe and healthy.

Environmental & Energy Efficiency

Updated March 2019

The Trustees recognise our social responsibility to protect the environment and maximise energy efficiency..  It is the policy of the Trustees to install and maintain energy saving devices to reduce not only fuel bills but also the Village Hall's impact on climate change.

Children & Vulnerable People

Updated March 2019

The Trustees are committed to safeguarding and avoiding risk to children and vulnerable persons who participate in activities on the Village Hall premises.

Hirers will be informed that they are wholly responsible to ensure that any activities for children and vulnerable persons comply with all current legislation with special regard to supervision and chaperones.

Teenage Parties

Updated March 2019

Bookings for teenage parties are not encouraged and will only be considered from a request from a parent or guardian.  Parents or guardians must attend a meeting with officials of the management committee prior to any acceptance of a booking.  A deposit of £250 is required which is returnable minus any breakages or damages resulting from the event.

Conditions of Hire

Updated March 2019

In consideration of the Hire Fee as contracted, the Trustees agree to permit the Hirer to use the Premises for the Function and for the Period(s) agreed.  The Hiring Agreement includes the Conditions set out below.

Function Booking

Updated March 2019
  • The function must be booked by a person 18 years or older.


  • Functions for children  must be stewarded by responsible adults at a ratio of four to six children per steward. 


Updated March 2019

The Trustees are committed to prudent management of the Village Hall to support financial sustainability and to comply with all relevant regulatory obligations and legislation.


Updated March 2019

The Trustees are committed to our responsibility to raise funds to support the financial sustainability and long-term future of the Village Hall.

Recruiting new Trustees

Updated March 2019

The Trustees recognise our social and community responsibility to encourage diversity when recruiting new Trustees.  All recruitment is undertaken with our Equal Opportunities Policy in mind.

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